• Digitizing Your Photos with Peter Krogh

    In this interview, I speak with Peter Krogh — the man behind the wildly popular “The Dam Book”; a resource that tackled the subject of organizing and backing up your digital images. This time Peter focuses his attention on the issue of digitizing and archiving your PHYSICAL images.

    5 days ago

    Creating Powerful Headshots

    This time on TWiP GLAM! we welcome photographer Kelly Sedivec. Kelly began her photographic career as a hobby that quickly…
    6 days ago

    Stuck in Customs – A State of the Union

    Intrepid globetrotter Trey Ratcliff updates on what he's been up to over the last several months. Turns out, quite a…
    1 week ago

    Animate Your Photos with Plotagraph

    Learn how this revolutionary new software will give you reanimation power over your photos. Now you can turn any photo…
    2 weeks ago

    Photography Workshops

    Rick Sammon recently wrote a blog post on Good Photo Workshop Behavior, and it got me thinking. Join Rick and…
    2 weeks ago

    Building With Light

    Today on TWiP GLAM! we bring you the art of photographer Eric James. Eric is a true jack of all…
    2 weeks ago

    Photographing Sacramento, CA

    Having just discovered the Sacramento Valley, I sit down with one of the town’s local commercial and fashion shooters, Tim…
    3 weeks ago

    The Power of Teamwork

    Today's guest is the photographer, publisher and YouTube personality, Michael Zelbel. In this interview, Michael shares his work and gives us…
    3 weeks ago

    Confessions of a Blue Hour Roof-Topper in Dubai

    In this interview I had the opportunity to dive into an in-depth discussion with roof-top photographer Daniel Cheong. Using techniques…
    4 weeks ago

    Color, Composition and Contact

    Jack Reznicki is a commercial people and children photographer from New York City, with client list that reads like a…